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Sewing your Pointe Shoe
Ribbons and Elastics

Of course it would be very easy for Pirouette to offer to sew your ribbons and elastic on your Pointe Shoes, but we understand the importance of proper fit of each pair. Our Professional Fitter has been fitting Pointe Shoes since 1996 and understands that each clients needs are individual when it comes to Pointe Shoes and proper fit.  In addition, we also know how important it is for you to learn to do this and you will see that it can be rewarding and fun.

Every new dancer who purchases a pair of pointe shoes, wants to learn how to sew on her own ribbons and elastics. Knowing how to sew them is beneficial to the dancer in the event of ribbon tear or breakage during class.

At the end of each fitting, we take the time to explain the sewing process to the dancer and the person that came with her. When you leave Pirouette, you will feel comfortable that you can do this.

If you need a reference to assit you, take a few minutes and look over the following instruction sheet. You may also view YouTube videos on how to sew pointe shoes, which may assist you in your sewing technique.

"Sewing Pointe Shoe Ribbon & Elastic Guide"